OUR SERVICES Our Service Offerings China’s e-commerce revenue is expected to exceed $1.7 trillion, and it is the best time to market your products in China through us.

Through our selection of China tailored products, services, and partnerships, we help you effectively address the Chinese market opportunity, turning ambitious goals into reality.

Our service offerings fall under three main buckets:


Our insights into Chinese digital media platforms from e-commerce to social media to data analytics allow us to help our clients craft unique strategies and execution to target China market.

Below are the plethora of services we offer:

• China-Ready Branding

• Chinese Online Listening, Monitoring & Reputation Management

• Chinese Marketing & Advertising Services

• Chinese Key Opinion Leader (Influencer) Marketing Services


Convergence utilises our in-house team to design, develop & deploy proprietary technology solutions purpose-built for the Chinese market. Our solutions are deployed to help our client grow their China market more efficiently.

Below are the suite of technology solutions we offer:

• Chinese Tourism Monitoring Platform

• Chinese E-Commerce Management System

• China-focused Technology Development

Entering China Market

Our advisory services encompass of company incorporation and setup, market research, insights, government schemes, opportunities, business development, finance, and many more.

Below are the suite of advisory services we provide:

• China Company Incorporation & Setup

• Chinese Market Research & Insights

• Singapore / China Government Schemes & Opportunities Advisory

• China-specific Business Development Advisory

• China-specific Corporate Finance

• Advisory (e.g., Forex Management / Risk Assessment / Exit Strategy, etc.)

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