ABOUT US Who is Convergence ? Convergence was founded by a group of multi-disciplinary individuals with an intimate experience of China’s inner workings. Leveraging our team’s strong heritage and talents, we focus on global businesses targeting the Chinese market and domestic Chinese businesses looking to expand internationally.

Our History

In 2016, Convergence started with helping businesses in Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea onboard Chinese Mobile Payment to enable these businesses increase the spent of Chinese tourists.

Through market insights and clients’ feedback, the company started to offer marketing services to the hospitality market help them attract more Chinese tourists. As we gained traction in Asia, EMEA, and North America, we then shifted our services towards a holistic approach towards the Chinese opportunity, both domestically and internationally.

Over time, we have created a thriving ecosystem of China tailored products, services, and partnerships that benefit our clients effectively in addressing the Chinese opportunity. Through a consolidation of our business efforts and select investments, we strongly believe that we have a leg up on our clients’ competition, arming our clients with a full suite of top-notch tools at their disposal.

Our Vision

To be the leader in Chinese market insights

Helping companies around the globe achieve their Chinese market goals through our extensive relationships and resources.

To date, we’ve helped
over 4,000
businesses gain market share through technology, marketing, and business development.

Our mission

Delight Clients

by effectively solving their in-market challenges

Empower Clients

to do more through our tailor-made, in-house tech solutions

Enable Clients

to go further through deep data-driven insights with a human touch

Our Values


We strive to constantly challenge boundaries, using out-of-the-box thinking to help our clients solve real problems.


We truly trust in our capabilities and stick to our commitments. However tough the situation may be, we believe in doing right by our clients.


We understand that people are our greatest asset. Regardless of what we do, our focus is always people-oriented.

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